Rupture discs for compressors and autoclaves (reactors) in LDPE productions

The high pressures and temperatures in the autoclaves and associated compressors during the production of LDPE place particularly high demands on the pressure relief systems in use.

REMBE® HPRD rupture discs reliably secure these processes against unacceptable overpressure. The HPRD high pressure rupture discs can be used for pressures up to 5000 bar and temperatures up to 400°C. The design, which was specially developed for this application will ensure an extremely long life of the rupture disc, allowing the lowest burst tolerances of +/- 3% and better, depending on the specified burst pressure.


High pressure rupture disc HPRD
High pressure rupture disc HPRD

For you as an operator of an LDPE system, that means

  • Lower maintenance intervals, since the rupture disc needs to be exchanged less frequently
  • Faster process restart due to the maintenance-friendly characteristics of the HPRD
  • No production loss during plant operation under very high load, thanks to minimal burst tolerances
  • No additional costs when changing to the HPRD rupture disc: we supply the rupture disc with the connection you desire

For you as a plant engineer or licensor for the construction of LDPE plants, this means

  • Safe, low-maintenance and long-lasting pressure protection as an additional sales argument
  • You are working together with the leading German companies in the industry - this is evidence of safety-consciousness and expertise
  • Increased customer satisfaction: No customer complaints or uncertainties regarding the rather difficult topic of pressure relief



We also protect all system parts which are exposed to lower pressures, with high-quality rupture discs and a comprehensive range of accessories.

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