Extruder rupture discs are a reliable solution for relieving excessive pressure in plastic and food extruders. Like all our customised rupture discs, the length, geometry, (threaded) connections, temperature resistance and response pressure  can be tailored to your specific requirements. The rupture disc is welded or soldered into the housing.

The special gas-tight soldered or welded rupture disc membrane is installed directly in the area of the extruder screw. This eliminates the risk of dead spaces where residues can accumulate. REMBE® extruder rupture discs can also be fitted with an integrated signalling device (optional), which informs the process control system about the response of the rupture disc.

Extruder rupture disc / bursting disc
REMBE® extruder rupture disc

All standard connections/bores for pressure transducers or probes on plastic extruders can be fitted with REMBE® rupture discs.

Your advantages

  • Maximum plant safety and availability in models with signalling devices.
  • Compact unit can be replaced quickly and easily.

You can find appropriate signalling devices here

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